2D Studios

2D Studio is a multifaceted film & photo production company specializing in weddings.
As such we are a creative team of artists committed to inspire our couples by telling their story in a new and visually unique way.

We love to make films that reflect the love each couple shares by capturing those moments that make each relationship unique!

We would love to get involved in your love story and to tell your unique story through our lens. We at 2D Studio believe that everyone has a story. We love what we do and we want to share our passion with our couples. We feel the emotions at the wedding day and we do our best to put that emotion into film or a still photo.

Contact us as we are always looking for couples that want a little more than a regular wedding video or a traditional photograph.

Our address: 160 Charles Best Place
Kitchener Ontario

Telephone: 519-804-4084


Service: Photographers

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