A C T Automotive Services

ACT Automotive Services has been established in Hamilton since 1994.
By providing good old fashioned customer service over the years, ACT has gained a loyal following in the community. Many area residents have come to depend
on ACT and to rely on the technical expertise of the knowledgeable and friendly staff to keep their family or work vehicles in peak running condition.

The success of this neighborhood business has been built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. Indeed, satisfied existing clients are ACT Automotives best advertising. Their "word of mouth" referrals continue to be their largest source of new clients.

Perhaps you yourself are visiting this web site on the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance. Whether a referral led you here or not, one thing is certain: you too can entrust all of your vehicle's service and repair needs to the team of automotive professionals at ACT Automotive Services.
Scope check, Analyze charging circuit, Inspect battery, connectors, and cables, Clean and tighten all connections, Road test
Remove wheels and inspect brake system
Check master cylinder, brake lines and brake fluid level - contamination, Replace brakes as needed, Check tires and brake lights, Test drive vehicle for brake operation, Inspect system from engine to tail pipe, Check muffler brakes,

Our address: 1832 Upper James Street
Hamilton Ontario

Telephone: 905-679-1414


Service: Car Repair

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