Aski Wellness

We at Aski Wellness strive to provide wellness solutions for you. By providing such services of Reiki & Crystal Therapy Sessions, various workshops, and Nutrition Cleansing. We will also connect you with other products to help you achieve balance in your life, all with respecting mother earth.

Mother Earth is our provider of all things; by giving her energy (life force) to everything we need to sustain life. One's true wellness depends on this earth energy and we must remember to return or recycle this energy back. When something we use in our lives cannot follow Mother Earth’'s 'cycle of life' then it was not a necessity to sustain our lives. This is what we at Aski Wellness strive to follow to achieve true wellness for ourselves and you. By using Reiki (universal energy) and crystals (earth energy) we at Aski Wellness assist you in achieving balance within yourself.

Our address: 58 Brock St W
Uxbridge Ontario

Telephone: 647-999-2945


Service: Massage Therapy, Music Therapy

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