Baton Rouge Restaurant & Bar

If first-timers are drawn in by the warm ambience, regulars are lured back by the addictive menu. Rich appetizers like the drool-worthy Louisiana spinach dip and in-house smoked salmon are frequent favourites and the extensive list of mains are embellished with your choice of inventive sides, including skillet baked beans, hot cinnamon apples and creamed spinach. Chicken tenders have grown past their child’s menu stigma, now transformed as moist, succulent tenderloins accompanied with a Dijon dipping sauce. But the true specialty of the Baton Rouge is the famous barbecued baby back ribs, which undergo a 12-hour slow cooking process before causing hungry mouths to sing their praises.

Our address: 790 Kanata Avenue
Kanata Ontario

Telephone: 613-591-3655

Fax: 613-591-5944


Service: Restaurants, Bars

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