Ten great tips for young job hunters

The way things are, the job market is tough for everyone – but especially so for young job hunters. Yes, young job hunters are well educated and well trained, but there’s often a missing link when it comes to launching the most effective (and successful) job search. Young job hunters understand networking; they can write a decent résumé; and they can prepare for an interview; but they just don’t get some of the basics. And those basics can make a big difference.

On one hand, young job hunters are into social media – on the other, they don’t fully exploit all of their networking opportunities. They are always messaging - but they don’t effectively follow up with new contacts. And although they prep well for an interview, they don’t necessarily know how to best present themselves. The key for young job hunters today is to capitalize on their positives, and improve on their negatives – it will make for the best search results.

1.  Nothing wrong with some career confusion

Today, many young job hunters are uncertain about career direction. It’s totally understandable and usually appreciated by a hiring manager or recruiter. It actually allows for a frank discussion.

2.  Know yourself, your skills, and strengths

It’s important to know yourself, your unique skills, and your special strengths. It’s also important to have a good idea of the type of working environment that suits your nature and personality.

3.  Not a good idea to act like a “know-it-all”

Young job hunters sometimes “overplay” in an interview. Yes, its good to sound professional and knowledgeable, but it’s also good to show genuine readiness and willingness to learn something.

4.  Understand who you’re interacting with

A job interview is a professional environment. As such, there is a professional boundary, there is a language, and there is etiquette. Young job hunters should fully understand that environment.

5. Capitalize on advice, guidance, assistance

Where offered, advice, guidance and assistance are all valuable. It’s important to take advantage of something that is offered. And there’s nothing wrong with asking - most people like to be helpful.

6.  Make sure that recruiters remember you

Everyone is busy at work and everyone is focused on the issue of the day. Your responsibility as a job hunter is to make sure that recruiters or hiring managers remember you and your issue.

7. No benefit to behaving overly confident

Young job hunters are usually facing older recruiters. In these scenarios, self-confidence does not have to turn into arrogance or swagger. It’s also a good idea to stay away from schmoozing.

8.  There’s never a bad time for appreciation

Being appreciative is gracious, respectful and well received by most. And whether an interview or meeting is good or bad, it’s always good to show appreciation. There may be dividends in future.

9.  Follow-ups are essential when networking

A referral or follow up requires immediacy. Quick action reflects on your approach as a job hunter and shows professional respect for everyone. For those who don’t respond, follow up again.

10.  It may be time to get a little innovative

Having an innovative approach as a job hunter can set you apart and draw attention. Today, with digital technology, innovation is practically limitless – after all, you want to leave an impression.

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Ten great tips for young job hunters

On one hand, young job hunters are into social media – on the other, they don’t fully exploit all of their networking opportunities.

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