Best Chemical Peels in Toronto

One of the best ways to brighten the look of your skin and remove wrinkles and other signs of aging is to get a chemical peel. A chemical peel exfoliates dead skin cells and can improve texture, acne, sun damage and congested pores. Deeper peels can address wrinkles and uneven skin tone. A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to your entire face, or just to certain regions, such as the crow's feet area around your eyes or the vertical wrinkles around your mouth. The chemical solution is either applied lightly or rubbed more vigorously onto the skin. In order to choose the best chemical peel available, you should select a skin care clinic like IGBeauty that offers a wide variety of chemical peel options to best suit your needs.

The different types of chemical peels vary according to their specific ingredients and their strengths. The depth of their peeling action may also be determined by factors such as how long they remain on the skin and how they’re applied onto the skin, and are normally classified as light, medium, and deep peels.

Generally, the lightest type of chemical peel is any peel using alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), such as glycolic, lactic, or fruit acid. An AHA chemical peel can reduce the effects of aging and sun damage including fine wrinkling and brown spots. Sometimes even a single treatment with an AHA peel will give your skin a fresher, healthier appearance and a radiant glow. Immediately after the procedure, you generally will be able to wear makeup and you can drive yourself home or back to work.

A deep is recommended for treating severe wrinkles, sun damage, or uneven skin tone. A deep chemical peel is particularly useful for minimizing the vertical lines that often form around the mouth as a result of aging. A deep chemical peel will take longer to perform and will leave a healing crust on the skin that must be covered with protective ointment and limited from sun exposure.

Following all chemical peel treatments, it’s important to avoid direct or indirect sun exposure until all the redness or pinkness of your skin has subsided. Even after that, it’s advisable to protect your skin by regular use of sunscreen and, whenever possible, a protective hat.

No matter the intensity, a chemical peel can transform your appearance and greatly improve the glow of your skin. By selecting a clinic like IGBeauty that offers a wide range of chemical peel options and treatments that are administered by fully trained and professional staff, you’re making a firm commitment to healthier looking skin. Contact IGBeauty and book your next chemical peel today. 

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